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Data and statistics If Testimonials are a challenge there are other ways to add evidence. Data about your business or the value of your services can help nudge the visitor toward conversion. Beyond the industry- or company-specific stats you can add here are some common examples. Years in business Number of clients / successful projects Number of team members Typical return on investment example of data on a service page When given a bit of design love these numbers can jump off the page and set you apart from

Competitors Statistics

 Appeal to the desire of all visitors to make rational decisions bas on data. Remember evidence is differentiation. Without evidence the content is common. Anyone can make a claim b2b leads without evidence. 11. Clean simple flow The webpage uses a visual hierarchy that guides the visitors’ eyes down the page through a series of prioritiz messages answering questions and adding evidence. The page knows what it wants visitors to look at. It gives them those things one at a time. That means there aren’t several things competing

For their attention

No matter how far down your visitor scrolls it’s clear what you’re giving them. how users BuyLead flow on a website Visual hierarchies are carefully craft in the design process. The designer controls the eyes of the visitor using size placement color and whitespace. When the visual hierarchy aligns with the messaging priority the page guides the visitors attention through a series of thoughts increasing clarity and trust as the visitor flows


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