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keyphrase (we’ll talk about keyphrases and SEO in a minute). Read Check the keyphrase more on how to write testimonials. Does your current page include evidence that you’re legitimate? If not it is a pile of unsupport marketing claims. 8. Strong supportive visuals Charts and graphs are more visually compelling than text. They are more likely to be seen and remember. So whenever possible upgrade those statistics from text to visuals. Diagrams are also powerful. Does your service involve a multi-step process? Don’t just describe it with text; show it with

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Gget visitors to lean in and engage with the content. The best visuals are custom design and unique to your business. They align with the brand and match the design. The weakest visuals? Stock photography. Use stock b2b email list only as a last resort. 9. Faces of your people Faces are magnetic. We are all hard-wir to look at faces. So pictures of people instantly make a service page more compelling. use real people on your website And when those pictures are real people at the business they lend legitimacy. They create a human connection.

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Important questions. Who is behind this brand? Who might I work with if I use this company? Is this a real business? If you don’t show your team you miss another chance to differentiate. You people are your difference. You’re the BuyLead only company with your team. You may also lose your visitor. If they want to see who works there they have no choice but to leave and go to LinkIn. Little companies always try to look bigger. And big companies always try to look smaller. Really every company should just try to be more human. 10.


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