Is St. Patrick the Ultimate Brand Leader

What do you think st. Patrick’s day is? I bet you’re wrong. See. Many people will say it’s a commercial holiday. Just another opportunity for companies to cash in on a popular trend. Others consider st. Paddy’s day as a great excuse to drink their body weight in hard liquor. Now. As accurate as both of those assumptions are. The underlying truth still eludes many people. The reality is that march 17th is not a day when other companies hijack the fame of this historical figure. No. My friends. It is the other way around. St. Patrick’s day is an annual marketing masterclass by the ultimate brand leader

In fact. St. Patrick is the brand

st. Patrick himself. In fact. St. Patrick is the brand. And it is he who is leveraging other companies and meia with his increible marketing genius every year. Why? So he can prove that even after centuries in hiding. St. Patrick is the king of brand marketing. Let’s see what today’s professionals in digital marketing can learn from the best brand leader that ever live. 7 reasons st. Patrick is the ultimate brand leader if you’re not familiar with st. Patrick’s origins. You may hazard a guess at some mythical legend involving leprechauns and the early-day invention of guinness. While the irish may be good-spirite enough to brush off such a stereotypical stab in the dark. The truth of the tale is much darker than the black stuff.

Unfortunately for st. Patrick

Unfortunately for st. Patrick. Here are seven drops of absolute marketing gold from the personal brand of the patron saint of ireland. 1. He has a great brand story patrick understood people’s love of storytelling. And so he learne how to spin a yarn at an early age. He knew that if he was going to hit his future sales targets. He neee a brand story that was a scarcely believable. Emotional rollercoaster involving kidnapping. Pirates. And duels with evil snakes. It all began when patrick was just 16 years old. As his life got flippe – turne upside down when he was abducte from his hometown by marauders…or pirates…or possibly vikings. Whatever his captors identifie as. We can be sure that this was the beginning of a turbulent and trying life for the young man.


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