7 Reasons St. Patrick is the Ultimate Brand Leader

 However. Along the way. Patrick develope the character he neee to become a beacon of light for many others. Why choose dmi? 2. He is a model professional britain and ireland were regularly besiege by raiding parties back in the 5th century. These foreign warriors were known as the ‘picts’ (among other names). And their modus operandi was to land on the coast. Then run inland. Smashing. Grabbing. And killing whatever they please. Not the kind of folk you would invite to your mother’s home. (but then again. The lack of an invite would hardly stop them). Patrick was kidnappe in one of these raids and then brought to ireland as a slave.

Upon the hills of antrim

There. He was taske with the role of minding the sheep. Upon the hills of antrim. He fende off foxes. Wild dogs. And bears from the flock. It wasn’t the life he had dreamt of. But patrick wasn’t one for complaining. With wild animals on one side and murderous sea scoundrels on the other. He knew that any slacking off could have him on the wrong end of an ax or a bear claw. And so. He adopte a professional approach to life. Committing to learning the language and culture of ireland as he set out to become the most famous (albeit reluctant) shepherd in history. 3. He is versatile the best brand leaders will be creative people who can deal with rapid changes. And are willing to experiment with new strategies. Six years after he was kidnappe. Patrick fle his captors after being inspire by a vision where an angel appeare and told him about the following week’s ferry scheule in dublin. With no google or siri to back this claim up.

Patrick wandere south with nothing more than blind faith.

Patrick wandere south with nothing more than blind faith. (and perhaps another bottle of whatever he was drinking the same night the angel appeare). It was not an easy journey. And he almost die of starvation on the voyage back to britain. He was then capture a second time. Ending up in captivity in france. Indee. Our paddy was great at a lot of things. But a stealthy ninja he was not. Eventually. He escape again and made it back home to ireland. In spite of multiple kidnappings. Cold. Hunger. And delusional visions. Patrick adapte and overcame them all to reach his goal. 4. He is a born (-again) leader it should be no surprise to learn that a good brand leader must also possess some leadership qualities. Even the most inebriate of souls should be able to guess that. When patrick returne to his friends and family.

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