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Down the page. This is how content and containers drive conversions. 12. Depth detail and 800 words A great sales call can take a while. The prospect has quite a few questions and the salesperson’s answers are detail and thorough. A great sales page is no different. It takes its time covering each topic often using 800 to 1000 words. A short sales page is like a sales associate who hangs up the phone before the conversation with the prospect is finish. The goal of the writer is to make it complete answering every question and

Thereby addressing

Every objection. “But I thought that website visitors have short attention spans? Doesn’t that mean I should have short pages?” No. It just means the content should be scannable  business email list and broken up into sections. Which means… 13. Compelling call to action Sales pages often stop right before the finish line. Rather than offering a call to action (CTA) suggesting the visitor gets in touch the page just dead ends. Instead of asking

For the lead

Sales page without a CTA implicitly suggests these options: Scroll backwards up to the top of the page and click contact Hit the back button going back to search results and visit another website Close the tab and go do BuyLead something else So the first step is to make sure that the page has at least one call to action near the bottom toward the end of the sales conversation. Next look closely at the verbs. Does it just say “contact” or is it something more compelling. Verbs such as “read” “learn” and “click” aren’t much better. Your

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