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To them. of course. our full recognition is also direct.Although there are those who believe that a certain use of language can contribute to eradicating sexism. the truth is that the fight against it is more about substance than form. The Spanish and their dilemmas regarding sexism In recent years. no one doubts the urgent ne to recognize women’s rights in the workplace. social or family sphere. The annual figures for domestic violence are scandalous and alarming. It is no secret that there are great inequalities between men and women : salary differences. differences in personal treatment at work. inequality in the distribution of domestic tasks. use of women as sexual objects. especially in advertising. discrimination. paternalistic attitudes. etc.

Aware of the Revulsive

There are endless social behaviors that we are having a hard time accepting. and even more so. overcoming. But not everything stops there. discrimination has also reach verbal behaviors that denote markly sexist. discriminatory or marginal language. where women are eclips and their b2b leads visibility is almost zero. In Spain. since 2012 . numerous non-sexist language guides have been publish. prepar by universities. academics. city councils. unions and others who have set out to promote a strong current of opinion to force the RAE to require the use of a non-sexist language. We must specify that these guides or manuals have not been prepar by linguists or.

Nature of the Content

Language teachers. because these manuals advocate changes not only in the lexicon. but in the morphology and syntax of our language. something that language specialists would not be willing to accept. accept. as has already happen in Spain and other countries. Ignacio Bosque . a Spanish academic. publish an article in the newspaper El País in Buy Lead which he considers that of all the guides he has review. the Manual of non-sexist administrative language is the most complete. but the least radical among all. For example. it is the only one that admits the generic use of the masculine as “The worker must receive compensation” or “The student will have to fulfill his duties” . where he admits that the masculine is extend to women.


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