Reading of Le Mauvais Démiurge

Prominant themes were the always disturbing issue of abortion. the terrible scourge of feminicide. and the intense controversy surrounding bullfighting; the much-debat dilemma of the implementation of the death penalty in our country. the unsettling debate around euthanasia. and the pressing problem of environmental pollution – especially. the problem of the use of plastic. Racial discrimination. that social fracture that we still suffer and that has been project since the distant times of the Spanish invasion. was also an object of reflection and criticism. Seeing encouraging results when reviewing the works present l me to think that they should be recogniz in some way. beyond the good grade that rightly correspond to them. That works that exhibit a meritorious level should be made known.

Attempt Was Made to

That it was fair to know about the encouraging results that can be achiev when students write. I mean: when you give way to the stubborn effort to motivate them to do it; when they are shown that writing (as I tri to do by talking to them about time instead b2b email list of my modest collaborations on the General Studies blog) is not a mechanical and dull procure – an image that many of them probably have when conceiving this activity – but rather creative and flexible. life-giving and instructive. and although exhausting. also gratifying when the words. harmoniously link. giving life to phrases and sentences .

Publish It in Spain

b2b email list

They turn what was born in the midst of our readings and reflections. Into a text that appears victorious in front of our eyes. And for the consideration of those (few or many) who will read us. Well: here they are. The links to the articles can be found at the bottom of this text. After an inevitable selection among the most outstanding. There are nine works that Buy Lead I present on this occasion. I feel very proud of the work carri out by all – absolutely all – of the students. Of the determination put into the conception and writing not only of these texts. But also of those others that. Although they are not here. equally constitut an expression of a honest and responsible effort at the time of writing.

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