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With the desire to ridicule the defenders of non-sexist language. exaggerates the feminine of some nouns. almost forc; but it seems that some figures in Latin American politics have not understood it. Such is the case. in several speeches. of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro: “high schools” and “high schools”; “books” and “pounds”. etc. Finally. I endorse what Bosque maintains in his article: “that it will be society that decides how to speak.” and that this task of “norming” language is not the responsibility of linguists or any other academic. Respect for the No institution can “prescribe” us what to talk about and what will happen to us if we don’t do it . Let us remember that Linguistics does not prescribe. but rather describes.

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A reflection on the arduous and risky ideal of recognizing ourselves as equals regarding the sad situation that Chile is going through. machuca: if all men could be brothers Chile. 1970: Salvador Allende is elect president. After three years of troubl management. the confrontations between the political contenders – the nationalist parties. center on the Christian Democracy. and the sectors close to the business database government represent by the Unidad Popular – have generat the polarization of Chilean society and the weakening of the state power. The social conflicts unleash by this struggle soon transform the country into a violent scene that would lead to the bloody coup d’état that would end with the.

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Palacio de la Mona bomb and Allende dead. 1973. the last year of that government. is the context in which the story of Machuca (2004). a film by Chilean filmmaker Andrés Wood. unfolds. Nominat for best Ibero-American film at the Ariel Awards. award best film Buy Lead at the Valdivia International Film Festival. and distinguish as the most popular film at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Machuca also won first prize at the. Respect for the  Festival of Latin American Cinema of Lima and the Audience Award for the best film at the Philadelphia Film Festival. among other important recognitions.


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