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My most recent challenge as a woman was when I was pregnant with my son. Running your own business is very rewarding but can also be tough. And I distinctly remember being on a call with a new potential client. We were finalizing the proposal. And my pregnancy came up in conversation as I had a check up and couldn’t make the suggested date for the next call. The prospect a man commented about morning sickness. And needing to be available or in the right headspace for the project. I have yet to hear back from the prospect. From then on I didn’t mention my pregnancy. Which is Raise Their Rates easier to do in a virtual world. I found the different reactions I received when the topic came up very eye opening.

Were there any challenges you ve faced as

I was incredibly disappointed in this day. And age that I had to hide my pregnancy not to lose opportunities. This was a reflection point for me on the types of people and clients we work with at Let’s Talk Strategy. If I felt I couldn’t share this piece of information. Then I knew there and then that it wasn’t the Iran Phone Number Data best fit for my agency. Megan Boshuyzen is the senior email developer at Sinch Email overseeing email development for Sinchs Mailgun Mailjet Email on Acid and Inbox Ready products. I’ve learned that you can often find another opening when one door slams shut.

And how did you overcome them

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There are definitely challenges I faced as a woman throughout my career. Two major milestones getting married and having children caused me to pivot my career in unexpected ways that I don’t think would have affected a man. I worked in a retail store for a large tech company when I got married. And I had expressed interest in an open position. When I returned from my wedding and honeymoon. I discovered that not one but two men. Were hired into the position management knew I wanted. I fought hard to get onto that team. I was the BUY Lead only woman. And while my coworkers were great. I faced a lot of  sexist comments from customers. I ultimately left that job for a better opportunity.

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