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When I decided to challenge myself with a new marketing position. I was specifically looking for a retention. Email marketing role because I felt that it suited my personality. I outlined seven primary skills or character traits that I consider essential. Care A relationship with a customer starts from transactional interaction. And the email marketing teams goal is to move it toward a relational connection. Be a people person. As simple as it is every new customer is a step up for your company and an opportunity to strengthen your professionalism. Never trust your gut feelings. Your intuition is a Cellular Phones great tool to use, but you cannot rely on it.

Were there any challenges you’ve faced as a woman throughout your career

Believe that every person is unique. Serve customers with what they want to see, not the best practices. See patterns. Although this item contradicts the previous one, there is always a pattern. Time, frequency, products, each of these criteria could be fundamental in creating customer retention patterns. Natural curiosity. There aren’t many new channels in Indonesia Phone Number Data retention marketing, so when something that hasn’t been used before comes along, I encourage you to test it. Ask for advice. No one knows your product and audience as well as you do. It’s both good and bad. While keeping yourself sharp, always bring a new pair of eyes and ask your colleagues and friends for help.

And how did you overcome them

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How to deliver emails to recipients in the right language. Email marketing strategist Jenna Tiffany. Jenna Tiffany, the multi award winning marketer and author, has been recognized as one of the top 50 marketers to follow in BUY Lead the world. Jenna has consulted with brands such as Shell, Hilton, and World Duty-Free, to name a few, on marketing strategy. I worked in a retail store for a large tech company when I got married. Constantly A/B test your ideas and never be 100% sure of what works best.


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