The email marketing industry is a special place because it’s made up of great people. We at Stripo love to seek opinions on important industry issues. Earlier we asked opinion leaders about the benefits of multilingual email marketing and email gamification. Today the topic we decided to talk about concerns women’s self-realization and leadership. We often meet women leaders and influencers in the email marketing industry. At Stripo, we want there to be no boundaries for women’s self-realization in Another Company email marketing, which is why, like most of the industry, we also do everything possible for their growth and development.

Most interview participants emphasized

Among team leaders women make up 50%. For example, women in our company successfully lead the support service, content and PR teams, product marketing direction, accounting, HR, HRD, research, and recruitment units. So how did women start to assert their right to vote, and do stereotypes still exist today? Today, our material is dedicated to tagging some women in email marketing. We will find out if women face any particular challenges or issues in the Poland Phone Number Data industry, how they cope with them, and what dos and don’ts they can share with us. That they don’t see widespread gender inequity

Why do we celebrate Women’s equality day

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Women’s equality day has been celebrated every year on August 26 since 1971. On this day in 1920. The 19th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted by the US Congress. Guaranteeing the right to vote to everyone, regardless of gender. It was on this day that women were given the right to vote. Since the 19th century, women have been constantly fighting for equality in rights with men, and this struggle does not stop today. It is essential to be mindful of the challenges, barriers, financial and other discrimination that women may still face. Today it can be the BUY Lead wage gap between men and women or gender discrimination in workplaces and business transactions.

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