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Therefore on Women’s equality day. It is customary to celebrate women’s achievements in equal rights, education, work, business and politics in all areas. Thanks to which women create a reliable basis for their strong future. Among the traditions that are customary to follow on this day are. Express support and gratitude to influential women in all spheres of life. Support local businesses run by women. Celebrate equality day in the company of your female friends. In addition, on this day, it is customary to hold charitable collections for foundations supporting women’s empowerment. It is also a Data Roll Over good tradition to hold online and offline events where famous women are invited as speakers.

We asked female opinion leaders about gender equality

So that information about the achievements of women on this day is better scattered around the world on social networks, the hashtag. One of the holiday traditions is to express respect and celebrate influential women. We invited women influencers in the email marketing industry to answer a few questions about women’s problems and the solutions for Qatar Phone Number Data this article. Women influencers’ opinions on the challenges and gender equality in email marketing. We asked female opinion leaders about gender equality in the email marketing industry, their working challenges, and why they chose this field.

Were there any challenges

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Lauren Meyer dutifully serves the email industry with a strong focus on email marketing, strategy, deliverability, and compliance. For years (and years), I genuinely believed if I kept my head down and worked hard enough, people would eventually recognize my worth and treat me accordingly with raises and promotions. But that’s not how life really works especially for women. Instead I constantly fell into the “unofficial team leader” role and “next to BUY Lead be promoted after so-and-so. I swallowed that pill too many times—letting it impact my confidence, mood, and health before realizing nothing would change until I started advocating for myself. Perfect is the enemy of good. Just ship it! Iteration is a thing of beauty.


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