To Find Out What Makes Email Gamification Successful

Defining traits of a good game. We investigated dozens of games in emails. Of course, we considered our experience, too. Recipients and brands use different criteria to define a successful game. Thus we decided to divide the criteria into two groups. Traits of a successful email marketing game from the recipients perspective a goal. This is the outcome that recipients will be working toward. Make sure the goal is clear, engaging, challenging, achievable, and resonant. Rules show recipients how they are supposed to achieve the goal. By eliminating the Makes Email easiest ways of reaching the goal. You can make recipients explore previously unseen ways and use all of their creativity. Gamification in  marketing. Example of a game with clear rules. Add the element of chance. Be sure to mention in your gamified email that you will share the results soon.

Let recipients know how they are doing

Every step they take must be accompanied by your reaction. Gamification in email marketing. Example of a game with feedback system. A character who carries across your email marketing campaigns Makes Email will make your games more consistent. Let recipients feed them rescue them etc. This character can be connected to your brand or not. In our case he is. Gamification in  marketing. Example of a game with a character. Let recipients know how they are Spain Phone Number Data doing compared to other recipients. Something like. You did better than 80% of all recipients. You can do this right away in the email. Or you can share the recipients score in your next email in this case. Both games were based on the same mechanics with different implementations, resulting in different games.

Gamification email campaigns that reflect

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Voluntary participation We hope that recipients will play the game, and we know that most people love doing it. However, some recipients might be busy or tired. So they might want to skip the game and proceed to the site or go shopping right away. Gamification email campaigns. Voluntary participation Example. Let recipients discover what will happen Makes  if they choose another option. For example, what happens to BUY Lead your hero if they turn left or right. What happens if recipients don’t find all the eggs they are supposed to in your email. Or what happens when they do find all eggs.


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