Gamification in Email Marketing Bringing Fun into Emails

Which would you choose to send to your customers. An ordinary promo email with lots of useful content and discounts. Or an email with the same content presented in a fun way with elements of gamification? Did you, like us, choose option two? Well, this is pretty reasonable. Given that gamification not only brings fun into emails, but also boosts your conversion by 400%. If you prefer the second option, then you might wonder why there are so few emails with gamification elements in our inboxes. The answer is obvious: Building such emails is expensive and time-consuming, and sometimes, it’s hard to find ideas. However, we wouldn’t bring up this question if we didn’t have a solution.

Defining Email Gamification

In this post, we will share the problems we faced when building emails everyone would like to send and show how we solved those problems. We will also demonstrate how to optimize the email production process and benefit from gamification in email marketing. Finally, we will show how we, as nerds, managed to systemize all of our knowledge on email marketing gamification. Recipients had to collect figures hidden behind choco eggs and then Taiwan Phone Number Data summarize these figures and enter their sum to get a discount code if the sum was correct. They would see the “Try again” notification if the sum were incorrect.

Ultimate Guide to Email Gamification

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Before I dive into the stats and do’s of email gamification let me in a few words, define gamification: Gamification is the process of applying typical game-like components like point systems, rewards, and competitions to non-game activities in order to encourage engagement with your product or service. How we began our journey with email marketing gamification. A few years ago, we were inspired by a fabulous report, titled Making emails fun, by Chris Vasquezfrom AWeber and Nicolas Garnier from Mailjet. We were also inspired by Reality Is Broken, a bestseller by Jane McGonigal, to give email gamification a try and eventually investigate the BUY Lead topic more thoroughly. We rushed to design our first gamified emails. This is the first email that we sent out. It was dedicated to Easter.

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