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This email type will allow you to celebrate the company’s birthday and share the achievement numbers with your followers. The brand’s own anniversary is just as good a reason to remind of yourself, remember your achievements over the past year, and offer gifts to subscribers. Make interesting emails dedicated to the memorable dates of your company. Use brand storytelling to share your mission and values. Highlight key moments from the past year. For example, the Care/of in its first-year anniversary email offers an exciting selection of the Facts Management company’s accomplishments and gives away a promotional discount. And, of course, thanks to everyone for the customer support.

Remember to add a piece of humor

Sometimes you get too formal when you want to thank a client for brand loyalty. Anniversary emails are always about fun and joy, so add humor, wordplay, and lightness. See how the Gymshark brand congratulates the client and jokes that there is not only a leg day but also a birthday once a year. Anniversary email campaigns Happy Birthday. And here, we have collected some interesting examples of anniversary emails for USA Phone Number Data your inspiration. See how different brands creatively approach congratulations and how they design them. In this example, a brand is announcing that they are having a holiday sale to celebrate their anniversary.

First purchase anniversary email example

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A great anniversary email example is Grammarly’s birthday email, which offers a discount and highlights the user’s written achievements in the app. Example of customer anniversary emails. We wrote above that birthday emails usually offer excellent discounts. Still, in Hulu’s example, the approach is different: the brand informs the subscriber that they are entitled to another free trial month. And the company does it with humor short and straightforward. MacPaw sends out an anniversary email celebrating a specific milestone 3 years after the product launch. The brand expresses gratitude for the use and offers a 30% discount for a friend. Thus teaching a chance to BUY Lead attract more audience. See how their every email contains consistent branding and visually appealing design.


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