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In anniversary emails, the right time to send them is critical. When setting up the system, consider the difference in time zones, and your email will not arrive a day earlier or later. In addition, it is crucial to choose the time when your audience opens emails most often. To do this, use time zone management and email list segmentation based on the information collected during the registration process. Combine congratulations and benefits for the subscriber. Whether it’s a client’s or your company’s birthday, an anniversary is a great time for gifts, giveaways, and special offers. Therefore, feel free to include promotions and discounts in Data for Calling your anniversary emails, and most importantly, make them as individual as possible. See how Prep Sportswear is offering a 20th-anniversary discount.

Anniversary email campaign for loyal customers

Collect client achievements for the year with you. It’s a good idea for SaaS companies to collect in purchase anniversary emails the customer’s achievements in using your product to show their progress. See how Uber implemented this idea. They collected information in Korea Phone Number Data the email for the last three years that the subscriber spent with them and included in the email the first comment their client received and the date of their first trip.

Email example for major life events

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Spend more time on subject lines. A weak email subject line can ruin even the effect of anniversary emails and reduce email open rates. Three short key tips for the subject lines are personalization, puns, and A/B testing. Drive conversions and customer engagement with a strong CTA. Every email needs a clear call to BUY Lead action, and anniversary emails are no exception. Include a prominent CTA button in your email design to show the reader their next steps. Even better, if it is a special promotion or gift, such as a free product trial or a small souvenir with a purchase of a certain amount.


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