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Inspire new interactions or purchases on especially favorable terms. Support a dialogue between the company and its customers. Showing that the brand values the opinion of the user. Benefit customers because these emails contain something pleasant for them. Email personalization is one of the biggest email marketing trends. Even just including the subscriber’s name in the email’s subject line significantly impacts the growth of open rates and increases engagement. And when a subscriber sees a personal greeting, it makes transaction rates and results of Calling Free email marketing campaigns even better. First, we offer to collect ideas about what you can congratulate your subscribers and customers with.

Create a purchase anniversary emails

Purchase anniversary emails are emails that are sent automatically a year after the initial purchase. And then, again and again, every year while your client stays with you. Use the purchase anniversary email to contact the client and remind them of your brand. Such a reminder will help stimulate additional sales and strengthen the loyalty of the client, who will be pleased that the Japan Phone Number Data brand remembers this event. In this email, you can congratulate the client on their anniversary and offer new products or services, bonuses, and discounts.

Celebrate your company’s anniversaries

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The subscriber’s birthday email campaign is an excellent example of a personalized marketing email. As a rule, people are happy to indicate their date of birth during registration on the site or by answering some survey, so it will not be difficult for you to learn this information and use it to surprise your subscriber on their birthday. Everyone is waiting for gifts and congratulations on their birthday and joyfully opens emails. Use this moment. You will not forget to BUY Lead offer special discounts, promotions, or other rewards on this day. Birthday email campaigns work to increase loyalty and stimulate sales.

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