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Keeping up with industry trends is essential in email design. How do you stay ahead of the curve and use this knowledge to influence your email designs? And what three email marketing trends do you consider the most important in 2023. I don’t believe in following trends. Trends come and go. This requires companies to talk to Contacts Phone Number their customers to consider their needs. If your email program chases trends instead of nailing down brand voice, you might erode your customers’ trust. Something to think about. While discussing AMP, could you share some of your favorite creative uses that have effectively increased engagement or conversion rates.

What’s important is to stay true to your brand

We’ve partnered with Spellbound to send out an email where you can register for an event right in the email! They’re doing excellent work. It’s my dream to code up my registration form for Email Camp so people don’t have to go to a landing page to sign up. I’ve seen neat examples of shopping carts so customers can make purchases right in Thailand Phone Number Data their inboxes. However, we have a long way to go with that functionality since so few email clients support AMP. I hope other ESPs decide to hop onto the AMP train soon because it would strengthen the use case to invest time in developing AMP emails.

Do you use AI’s power in preparing email

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Nope! I don’t believe AI is useful for email development. Your prompts must be so specific to get what you need that you could spend the time coding. And AI is garbage in, garbage out, so it’s only as good as the information it’s given. An AI is not going to know all the intricacies of supporting email clients, how to keep accessibility and other hacks that are needed to BUY Lead make the email work. We recently did a webinar with ActionRocket about email and AI, and both conversations were so interesting. I say use at your own risk, but you really should learn how to code the email.

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