Face Failure Like A Scientist How does

The source of this article was originally from James Clear , translated and added points from an Islamic point of view by me.

Face Failure Like A Scientist
When a scientist conducts an experiment, there are different types of possibilities for the results that will be obtained.

Some results are positive and some may be negative, but they are all data (information).

Each result is information that can lead to an answer or solution

And This is How Scientists Accept Failure: Every. Result Whatsapp Mobile Number List Obtained is Still Considered Data / Information.

This is Very Different From How Our Society. Talks About Failure..
There is a Stigma in Our Society – Failure is Always. Seen as an Indicator of One’s Self-worth.

Failing the test means he is not smart enough.

Failing in art means he is not creative.

Failing in business means he is not diligent enough.


But for scientists, negative results are not an indication that they are bad scientists

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Proving a hypothesis wrong is often as useful as proving it right, because we will learn something new along the way.

Our failure is information (teaching) that can help us to the real answer.

Failure is the Fee You Must Pay to Achieve Success

I don’t mean that we should purposefully make mistakes or failure something fun.

On the contrary we should try to do it in the most correct and best way possible

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And failing at things that are important to our lives Buy Lead is not fun at all.

But failure will always be a part of our maturation process for one reason…

If we focus on building a new habit or learning a new skill, then we are essentially experimenting in one or more ways.

And if we do a lot of experiments, sure sometimes we will get negative results.

It happens to every scientist and it will happen to you as well as to myself.

Failure is simply a cost you have to pay on the way to being right.


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