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Where do the users come from? What made them visit your website? What was the source of conversion? In some cases, the paying customers might as well come from free content marketing, rather than paid ads. When you know what works and produces an effect, you can eliminate those measures that do not create value. Eventually, you will be sitting on a lot of information about which campaigns, ads, keywords and which content have been successful in the past, and you can use this in future strategies. Eliminate content Doesand resources on producing good content.

Perhaps you are advertising

With Google Analytics, you can find out which content customers actually use and what provides value. This type of content will therefore be worth investing in in the future, and perhaps promoting it in other channels. When you know what content appeals to phone number list customers, you will also know what should be maintaine and optimize in the future. You will also uncover content that does not create value, but only steals time, resources and budget. Identify problems with the website Google Analytics has a useful function that alerts you if the “bounce rate” becomes too high. Are there many visitors turning at the door? Or that quickly crosses out of certain subpages.

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Perhaps the website is not mobile-friendly

This is an indicator that something is wrong and that they did not find what they were looking for. A high bounce rate can be cause by several factors., or to the Buy Lead wrong target group? Sometimes it can simply be due to irrelevant content or poor design. When you look at the bounce rate, you can also see where these users come from and which devices they use. If the bounce rate is, for example, much higher for mobile users than for desktop users, this may mean that you are not focusing strongly on mobile-friendliness.


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