Of Course by Still Believing in Allah’s Plan

Face failure like a scientist

Failure does not reflect us.

Success is also not a reflection of us.

It’s just information (teachings) that will guide us in the right direction for the next experiment.

In Islam, Failure Is Not The End..
Anyone may be disappointed when their desires and ambitions are not achieved.

The feeling of disappointment is part of Gharizatul Baqa’ (instinct of self-defense) that God throws at humans.

God gives us failure does not mean God throws us to the island of failure forever

Feeling disappointed due to failure Phone Number List is not without wisdom.

What is necessary is to dive into the ibrah (teachings) that God has given.

Because failure is not the end of everything, but rather the beginning of everything.

Although it sounds cliché , there is some truth to it.

Learn from a failure and make self-improvement.

A strong believer is not easily broken by trials and minor failures.

He believes that everything that happens has a lesson that God wants to show.

A believer is amazing, because everything is good.

But this will not happen except to a true believer.

If he gets pleasure, he is grateful, and that is good for him.

If he has trouble, he is patient, and that is good for him”.

— HR Muslim

Plant in us that “Allah knows best for His servants”

The fact is:

Everything that holds us back today will only make us stronger in the end

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The strongest human being is the one who has failed, accepted Buy Lead it, and learned from it.

With this failure, he learned to be more mature.

It’s about our courage to stop being weak, wipe away the tears and get back into the ring of life to fight harder than ever.

One day we will feel how lucky we are.

We will realize how lucky we are to have failed like that.

We just have to wake up and continue living first.

Believe that every ups and downs and wounds teach a lesson, to become an experienced person, who is more mature about life.

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