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 Although the posts were super-useful, their content didn’t really convey essential information about the content of the course itself. The purpose of the posts was to get the readers in the right frame of mind, to be inspired by the fact that building and selling an online course is possible – for everyone. Read this next: This is how you make €100,000 a year with a business blog Sales page Masterclass  officially started on November 28, 2017. Before that, I had sent my readers 3 “warm-up” emails in 2 weeks. In addition, I sent 4 free workshop emails.

Email series The sale of the training

During the launch itself, 8 e-mails were sent, which is relatively a lot when the launch time was only 7 days. Many latest database people are afraid to send emails during the launch because they are afraid of annoying their readers. This is understandable and someone always gets annoyed. It’s unfortunate of course, but it’s good to remember that we don’t send e-mail all the time every day. When the launch is over, we always return to the normal weekly rhythm with emails. On the other hand, own time and given my readers a lot of free material , so I don’t think that marketing a 1-2 week online training will hurt that much.

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I know that if someone does not like the marketing messages, they will be removed from the list. After that, he can continue to follow my blog and get blogging tips there =) Read more: Why you *need* to collect an email list, Whether you’re a blogger or an entrepreneur? The good news is that during the launch I also received a lot of positive feedback from my emails . Because my messages are never just “BUY! BUY! BUY!” types of spam, but I also add value in my sales emails , it was really encouraging to receive these feedbacks. I even created my own folder for them, where I can always return and feel these wonderful feedbacks. #thank you In total, it took me 23 hours to write 15 emails . Webinar I was supposed to BUY Lead hold a webinar before the sale started, but at this point I started getting my first flu, so I had to cancel it. This is unfortunate because the webinar was highly anticipated.


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