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 At Pro, the goal is to first reach the threshold of at least 10,000 unique visitors and within 12 months to build your own online course and sell it for at least €3,500 per month . At the moment, I can say that these goals have been achieved, that’s how good the students have been =) Updated 20.5.2020 –> I had tried Campwire and Teachable and both have their pros and cons. clarity, it was better that I could put the course on my own domain. So I asked Riitta for help.

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How did I launch a 22575 euro online course? While Riita was making the course platform and redesigning new data the site’s appearance, I was able to focus on talking with partners and planning and producing content. Read more: 13 online course and sales platforms compared Blog posts I thought for a long time about which point of view I would use to bring online coaching to the fore. Since I was in the process of reforming the coaching, I decided to take the online course and the creation of an e-book as a theme .  that directed readers both to the email list and directly to the coaching sales page. In the beginning, there were no active hyperlinks in the posts, but I added the links after the sales started.

I wrote posts around these themes

 Already at this point, I want to give a big thank you to Riita , because without her, the course platform wouldn’t really look this wonderful. I wrote a total of 11 blog posts and scheduled them . I published 1-2 posts per week until the last week of sales. During BUY Lead one day I was able to write an average of 3 blog posts, so all in all it took 4 whole working days ( and if you count that one working day is 10 hours long for me, 40 working hours were accumulated ).

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