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[85] All regions of the Bay Area East Bay East Bay South Bay South Bay North Bay Peninsula “ Peninsula ” Sub region includes towns on the San Francisco Peninsula, excluding the nominal San Francisco City. Its eastern half is along the bay, densely populated, and the less populated west coast is along the Pacific coastline, known for its open space and hiking path. It roughly coincides with the borders of San Mateo County, and also includes cities such as Palo Alto, Mountain View City and Los Altos in northwestern Santa Clara County.

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 [86] Although the geographical location is at the top of the San Francisco Peninsula, San  latest database  Francisco City is not considered to be part of the “ Peninsula” sub region, but as an independent entity. [87] [88] “ South Bay” The term has different meanings for different groups: The US Department of Commerce defined the South Bay as five in an article written for the Army Corps of Engineers in 1959 The composition of the county corresponds to their division of the bay into the northern and southern regions.

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[89] In 1989, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency defined the South Bay as northern Santa Clara County and southeastern San Mateo County. [The latter definition of 90] conforms to common usage. [91]Climate Please also refer to: California’s climate on the north   BUY LEAD  coast near Muir Beach Bay is located in the warm summer Mediterranean climate zone ( Koppel Cab ), which is characteristic of the California coast. Winter is mild to cool, Occasional rainfall, summer is warm to hot and dry.


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