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 This is the first time in the United States. [62] Four years later, most people Issue a marriage certificate to a same-sex partner. Voters in the Bay Area rejected California Proposal No. 8, which tried to restrict the marriage of heterosexual partners constitutionally, but was eventually passed across the state. [63] Black life is also life/protest against the 2020 San Jose George Freud protest.

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 The Bay Area is also the center of controversial protests about racial and economic   new database  inequality. In 2009, African-American man Oscar Grant was shot and killed by the MRT police in the Bay Area, which triggered widespread protests throughout the region and even riots in Auckland. [64] His name is symbolically linked to the protest of the occupation of Auckland two years later aimed at combating social and economic inequality.

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 [65] After Donald Trump became President of the United States in 2017, the Gulf District became the center of resistance to his government. First, Guang“East Bay” is the most dense area in the Gulf area outside San Francisco, including The towns of Alameda County and Contra Costa County centered on Auckland. As  BUY LEAD  one of the larger sub regions, the East Bay includes various enclaves, including the suburban Sangha area and the highly urbanized western area of the coastal Gulf of the sub region, including Auckland.

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