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Flogo is ideal for serverless application development bas on Docker.

It is an open source ecosystem with event-driven features that make it easier to create resource-aware, contemporary serverless apps.

ork for quickly designing. Deploying and managing apps on aws lambda. Using only docker images and is written in. The golang programming language.

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Several businesses have been using Project Flogo, including Thingstream, Liturgical telephone list biz Publishing, Biogen, Cosentino, and Campari Group, to support their use cases.

CargoSmart, for example, could employ AI to analyze IoT data to improve customer experiences through better judgment.

It leveragimplicity of Flog in the integration of ML) models.

It offers solutions to various businesses that neo respond quickly and develop apps quickly to save time.

language and visual web UI are suppory Flogo and can be uso design and build your applications.

Golang programming

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Single-page web apps, server-side apps, and standard web pages can all be hosted and deployed with just a few clicks.

In addition, it makes it simple to manage app users and content. Front-end web and mobile developers can build full-stack apps on AWS faster and change the app whenever you neewith the help of AWS Amplify.

Multiple web frame Buy Lead works, includAngular, JavaScript, Vue.js, Next.js, etc., as well as mobile platforms, including iOS, Ionic, Flutter, Android, and React Native, powered by Amplify.


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