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We have now covered the main serverless frameworks that you can integrate into your application.

us to release applications to market faster and increase value by optimizing your application, as well as save money and resources by scaling resources according to traffic demand.

The latest trend in creating and delivering our cloud-based applications is serverless computing. Many more new serverless frameworks will be created in the following years to simplify business solutions, reduce costs, and provide additional benefits to technology.

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Video production can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Investing in the right studio cell phone lists equipment and hiring the right talent both on and off camera can take up a lot of valuable resources.

However, advances in text-to-speech algorithms and AI-generated videos have begun to provide another solution.

Why hire a professional voice actor if you could just use a program that converts text to high quality natural speech?

What if you could use life-like avatars to showcase your content?

look into the Synthesia platform and its promise to make professional video production accessible to an

In this article, we will

AI video generation platform that allows users to create engaging videos with AI avatars.

Founded in 2017 by a team of AI researchers and entrepreneurs, Synthesia’s mission is to empower everyone to make video content. Their team hopes to reach people who don’t have access to professional microphones or cameras.

Synthesia uses AI software to simulate real videos and real actors. The platform eliminates the need for film crews, studios and actors. With Synthesia, creating video content is now as simple as writing an email.

The platform supports more than 120+ languages, which allows global teams to quickly develop video content in dozens of languages ​​without wasting additional time and resources.

easy it is to create profe Buy Lead ssional videos from text. The user just needs to select a video template to use and provide a video script in any supported language.


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