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How many meta description characters will be just right? The meta description display on the desktop should be about characters, while on mobile about characters. Above this length, Google “cuts the content”. If the length of the meta description exces this limit, it is possible that the user will not see important information about your site. At the same time, remember that the length of the meta description depends mainly on what you want to convey to the recipient. It is possible that just a few words are enough for you to achieve your goal, convince the user to click.

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Some say it can be done in as little as characters, but in our experience, text between and characters works best . Why so much? The meta description is display in a field from px in the mobile version to px in the case of larger devices. Therefore, you can adjust the length of the description to the sources of traffic on your site (check if more users come to your site from a smartphone, c from your computer). If you decide to use the full character phone number list limit, you must take into account that description will be invisible on mobile devices. Free tools such as the SERP simulator available on the Mangools website can help you write a meta description.

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When you enter the URL, page title, and description here, you’ll see what that data will look like in search results. How to write a good meta description? Please note that the meta description tag has an advertising function. clicking the link and entering the page. That is why meta descriptions are a very important element Buy Lead of search engine marketing. How to write an effective meta description? Use our tips. SEO audit prepar by specialists Check out our >> OFFER << Expand the title The meta description is best treat as an extension of the page title. So please include additional information here.


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