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It’s easy to see that enabling a secure protocol pays off in many ways, but how do you go from to S? First of all, the cost of this procure is really small. We will pay about several dozen zlotys a year for the implementation of an SSL encryption certificate. If we are wondering how to enable S, then in a CSM system, such as WordPress, there is a specific plugin for this, for example Really Simple SSL. We ne to purchase the select version of the SSL certificate in our hosting and activate it. Importantly, the SSL certificate is individually assign to a given website.

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You also ne to configure page files and use appropriate rirects (mainly rirects). However, for pages outside the CMS system, you can enable S by using a rirect in the .htaccess file. It is not advisable to block Google robots by using noindex tags or the robots file . Summary Security should be everyone’s priority in literally every situation, especially online. By deciding to introduce a security certificate and change from to S, we are able to gain a lot not only from the point of view of potential customers, but also other companies, as well as Google itself. Do not hesitate and join the group of trustworthy brands.

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It Have On Building The Value Of A Family Business

Underestimat content, or how to write perfect product descriptions? Iwona Bortniczuk June , You will read in ~ min. Underrat content “The best garlic press”, “the timeless design of the fly trap”, “the highest quality of the garden chair”. These terms are obsolete! If you want to sell, you ne to stand out. to the Buy Lead benefits. Suce him with a promise you can actually keep. Product and category descriptions how to create them so that they work? Here is a collection of tips and tricks for the ecommerce industry.

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