Choose Loud Or Silent Lure High Pressure

For Some Anglers, the Criterion of Noisy. Or Silent Lures is Something. That is Considered Less Important.

Usually, Most People Pay More Attention. To the Color Factor and the Depth of the Lure’s Swimming. As a Guide for the Selection of the Lure to Be Used.

But actually, the sound factor is quite important too (to me)

Lures that sound (ringing) or silent (silent), play an important role in attracting the attention of fish and subsequently inviting strikes.

I usually set the selection of noisy or silent lures based on the situation I’m facing


We all know noisy lures are the best choice in Database murky water, but there are a few other factors to consider:

1. Fish in a Feeding Frenzy
If we are faced with a group of fish that are in a feeding frenzy , for example one that is boiling , use a noisy lure as the first choice.

In this situation, the fish in the group compete for food. So if we want to get the attention of the biggest fish in the school, the sound will help to arouse the lust of the leader of the school.

If the herd is smart and has become averse to rattling lures (which it always is), then quickly switch to a silent type lure and try to vary the speed of the lure.

Shining in Open Areas If the fish are hanging around in areas like long flats


Or drop-off areas where there isn’t much dangerous Buy Lead structure, silent lures are actually a better choice than noisy lures.

Fish that play in areas like this can see and detect lures from a long distance.

And since they don’t have specific ambush areas (like boulders) where the sound of the lure will trigger their instincts, I find a quieter, more natural presentation is better.

3. Shining in the Weed Lotus Area
When fish ambush their prey in thick weeds, I usually get more strikes with noisy lures.


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