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You might think that someone who was lucky enough to secure the domain nams just cashing in on good luck, but I have to assure you that is not the case. Yes.

erless framework is the Serverless framework, which has over 43,000 stars on 

The most popular serverless framework is Serverless, which was originally created to help developers create apps for AWS Lambda.

 other FaaS platforms, it allows you to quickly design, deploy and manage serverless applications. In addition to Kubeless and Apache OpenWhisk, it supports Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and more.

With Lambda and

The infrastructure required for the specific functions and events is reviews automatically created by the Serverless Framework.

As a result, you can create complex applications or microservices that scale themselves according to demand.

Additionally, since it is provider neutral, you can package and deploy apps across multiple clouds, including Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, etc.

In addition, you can extend its use cases by modifying the functionality of the framework using plugins.

For developing use cases not currently covered, Serverless offers an extensive ecosystem of plugins.

The most famous serv

 can be quickly sent to AWS using Chalice CLI. In addition, it is simple to create CI / CD pipelines because Chalice automatically creates deployment pipelines using AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline.

For example, CyberArk built serverless microservices using Chalice and a larger infrastructure with AWS CDK. The developers’ transition from on-premise to cloud architecture was simplified with Chalice.

Integrating Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, Am Buy Lead azon SNS, Amazon SQS, and other AWS services complements the API.

Chalice is based on Python, so the use cases may be limited


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