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In addition, it can be used without worrying about hosting, scalability, etc. as client-side code or serverless functions.

 and seamlessly create and deploy event-driven apps and self-scaling web APIs.

Its extension libraries allow users to easily create chatbots and Web API endpoints. It’s a great way to manage multiple versions of your website at the same time without compromising the convenience and enjoyment you’ve come to expect from Claudia.

 version management tool, which allows you to work on multiple versions at the same time without worrying about conflicts or getting lost in a sea of ​​code.

It includes a simple

Zappa, another Python framework, is simple to use and feature-rich. It allows you to seamlessly design and deploy serverless Python-based apps to AWS Lambda.

Zappa is also a popular framework for developing WSGI-based apps and projects.

It is compatible with almost any WSGI-compliant framework, including Pyramid, Bottle, and even Django.

Additionally, when used in conjunction with Flask, Zappa is ideal for serverless hosting of comple , image processing, text processing, and number crunching.

Developers can quickly

Zappa configures the usage parameters automatically. Deploy the application to production using a single command line when the options are specified appropriately.

If you want a CloudFormation API Gateway template, use the template command.

Use SSL certificates, AWS Certificate Manager certificates, and Let’s Encrypt certificates to send Zappa to custom subdomains and domain names.

Enable API Gateway secure endpoints, including the API key, IAM policy, Lambda Authorizers, Cognito User Pool Authorizers, and Resource Policy.

Additionally, using an S3 file, you can change enviro Buy Lead nment variables for the local environment, remote AWS environment, and remote environment.


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