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Because people need repetition. When you first write a sales page and derive marketing and launch material from it, things are already familiar to the reader when they come to the sales page. Then it is easier to make a purchase decision when the thing is not new or different. In this post,  instructions on how to design and write a sales page. At the end of the post, I will also tell you how to use the sales page in writing other marketing, sales and launch materials.

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Table of contents: Don’t do this Time calendaring Deciding the structure of the sales page Outline of the sales new database page Writing a sales page Tips for writing Editing the sales page Completing and testing the sales page SEO optimization of the sales page Other marketing materials Writing a sales page – This is how you design and write a sales page Before writing your sales page, gather the following information: for, i.e. what is the best buyer profile? What is sold, that is, disassemble your product and extract the best benefits from it Which problem, pain point, need or desire does the product solve or fulfill, i.e. why should the customer buy the product? What kind of purchase obstacles does the customer probably have.

Who is the sales page written

 which thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and Buy Lead  myths are likely to prevent the customer from making a purchase decision? Feedback from other customers (at least 3 but there can be more) Results obtained with the product What kind of stories can you tell about yourself and your customers? Among other things, you need these things when you start writing a sales page. Don’t do this With the deep chest voice of almost 10 years of experience, I can say that if you try to write a sales page in the dark of night or five hours before the start of the launch, the end result will not be good. 


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