Reconfiguration in the relationship between clients

Reconfiguration in the relationship between clients agencies platforms and publishers. The face-to-face meetings. That were previously daily will undergo important changes because we realiz that. We can have virtual meetings and that we can place an order and follow up remotely. It is no longer necessary to meet physically which will change the way. We behave and relate to others Digitalization something that without a doubt. The covid accelerat without turning back is digitalization. An opportunity for organizations to adopt new technologies and make remote. Relationships between people possible. The big moment of saas to put ourselves in context saas means. Software as a service abbreviat from english software.

Don't leave out sensory marketing

As a service and it is a software distribution model where the support and data. Host on servers that are access via internet. Covid has grown an ecosystem of tools that we did not know. Exist recently and that are now part of our daily lives. We see accelerat mobile app designs service growth in the search for remote work tools not only for virtual. Meetings and videoconferences but those that allow support between teams remote project management. Tools that were very incipient three months ago but that today do part of our daily life. Advanc it digitization let’s put ourselves in a situation. On march the systems or information technology.

A good couple of examples of the mix of experiential

It areas of the organizations had their strategy in place and their tool budget fully controll. From one day to the next everything chang and what three months. Ago was impossible in organizations – such as remote access to files and information – today Buy Lead can be done and is a necessity. This is not intend to crucify the systems teams that are giving their. But it must be recogniz that all of this accelerat the possibility of what was previously unthinkable. Obviously the budget had to change to guarantee the security of operation data and systems.


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