In countries or the unit states remote work

In countries or the unit states remote work more advanc and it normal. To see people working remotely. In latin america th still incipient and for particular cases. With all th we have realiz that we can work remotely and that operating with clients works. So why restrict ourselves to localization which offers us a range of opportunities to de-regionalize and for different. Companies to hire outside their cities and even outside their countries. The homework space the home office model grew and we have had to adapt to th quickly due to covid. It has become evident that people did not have good internet at home a desk a chair and a correct space to work things.

Relevant experiential marketing actions

That are so little valu in the office but that are now important from home. Not to mention families all confin to the same space working and studying without the tranquility that the office provides. Now we find ourselves in a world of emotional family and work mobile app development service connection that has test people’s ability to work. All th gives a new meaning to home work. Working from home has certain requirements that must be met and since it beginning to be an accept form of work it forces us to invest in a better workplace at home.

What should not be missing

Reconfiguration of the workspace the workspaces will change they will have different footage per person maximum quotas of people per day fix desks will be chang for others that can be mov new labor sanitation laws must be compli with. Changes Buy Lead that will not occur automatically th year but that will occur as time passes. Surely starting in the new offices that open will be very different from what we imagin the offices of the future would be like. Change in the operational relationship there will be an operational.


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