Adhering to the algorithms of search engines

Adhering to search engine will give the user most of the sites whose geolocation matches the user’s location. This means that if a person writes a request in the city of Moscow, then the issuance of sites will be Moscow, and not another city or region. Regional website promotion We use and recommend a service for determining geo-dependence, localization and commercialization of requests – pixelplus . With the help of this service, regional website promotion will be more accessible. It is clear from the data in the screenshot that all requests are geo-dependent, and the degree of local issuance in the PS is more than % for each request.

You can influence the dynamics

This means that out of sites are tie to this promotion region. Regional SEO website promotion An example of issuing in Yandex PS for one request in the photo editor cities of Moscow and Novosibirsk. Note that major campaigns compete in both cities, but sites in each city have different local anchors. SEO website promotion in Russia Therefore, developers of search engines to promote a site in several cities immeiately offer two solutions: Promotion using regional subdomain addresses. A single domain is divide into sites with subdomain addresses. Subdomain folders are locate in the share folder of the domain.

The issuance of the site in certain

In fact, separate sites are create with reference to a specific region. This method significantly improves ranking on Yandex. Promotion using subfolders . On the site itself, regional departments are create, place in the corresponding subfolders. This method significantly improves the distribution in Google. Many leading commercial sites use both of these methods for their promotion. Using such a combine method, these resources Buy Lead deftly push down competitors, whose Internet sites are create according to the usual patterns, in the search distribution. Good to know: algorithms of the Yandex ranking system – from to Regional SEO website promotion on subdomains.


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