5 Effective Tips to Defeat & Overcome Procrastination

Everyone must have an attitude that likes to procrastinate. Fighting procrastination is like fighting a monster that never dies inside us. However, And this ferocious creature lives inside everyone. No one is immune from it. In fact, we only overcome procrastination, not cure the disease of procrastination.

It has to do with managing our psychology and behavior, so that we can complete the important things. Procrastination is the gap between will and action. So why do we do it? There are three reasons why people procrastinate:

We hate the task and don’t appreciate its importance so we choose not to do it

We do not understand the task and have Phone Number List no idea how to manage it. However, We are doing something more interesting and do not want to do the duty that is in front of us.

Procrastination is our way of “reacting” to any of the above reasons. Fighting procrastination or defeating this attitude is not a natural human attitude ( counter-intuitive ) if it is forced. But just because it is a logical process, we should not say that it is an unstoppable process or that it is something healthy.

Procrastination is more detrimental to human productivity. The danger of procrastination We may wonder: Why is this procrastination a bad thing?

What if I only check facebook notifications for a few minutes

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I think we all know the answers to these Buy Lead questions. However, Sooner or Later the Effects of This Procrastination Will Be Felt. Whether It is Feeling Pressured to Complete. An Assignment or Report at the Last Minute or When Facing an Exam.

It Can Also Be Regret for Wasting. However, Time That Could Have Been Invested in Doing Great Things or Important Work.

The worst effect of procrastination is closely related to the afterlife , where there is no chance for us to return to the life of this world. However, As mentioned in the Koran, one of the names of the Hereafter is the Day of Regret.


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