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In practice, the line of reasoning that growth hacking follows is very. Therefore, simple: Concentrate efforts Learn 3 stories on the company’s main problem or resource. Find a solution to this problem or refinement for this resource and. Therefore, prioritize the best ideas. Create a simple way to test and apply this new idea. Ensure that there was some learning from your successes and failures. Use this learning to generate new ideas and tests. Surely you have noticed that there is nothing new or very complicated, the greatest difficulty is maintaining discipline during the execution of the strategy.


What is growth hacking Learn 3 stories

The growth hacker, as this professional is known, is in. Therefore, charge of finding those hidden opportunities and taking advantage executive email list of market trends that are ignored by many. Among its many functions are the. Therefore, analysis of audiences and the measurement of social responses to events or happenings that surround brands. Therefore, in essence, he is a professional in charge of transforming the company’s products and services into a necessity within its market.

Whatsapp Mobile Number List What does a growth hacking professional do

Web scraping : using software tools to obtain. Therefore, information about the various websites, their competitors Buy Lead and references for the project. Analysis – Relying on data analytics solutions to draw. Therefore, conclusions. A/B Tests : carrying out tests with different variables to check their effectiveness and differentiate what the company shows to its clients and what consumers want to obtain. SEO : A growth hacker must know SEO rules and be able to apply them correctly to position websites at the top of search pages.


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