So we do your commercial at the cinema, from script to airing

So we do your commercial at the cinema, from script to airing.  Your advertising on the big screen signed mp quadro.  We explain how we work, from the first contact and in the following stages. How much does it cost to advertise in cinema? Intrigued by the title, you read our article and found the answers you were looking for. You are convinced: you too, like many other entrepreneurs.  Want to promote your business with a commercial at the cinema. You have a local business and you want to hit the audience of your city . In the halls that you feel is most strategic for your business. That’s good. We want to explain our method, how we make your commercial.  From the first meeting with you to airing on the big screen. 

Your custom cinema spot

Your custom cinema spot why should you choose Latest Database mp quadro for your cinema advertising? Because in addition to following all the phases of the work for you.  From the drafting of the video script to the programming of the spot in the room.  We offer you an exclusive package customized in line with your needs. Download the calendar imageimage . Depending on the type of investment you want to make, you can choose.  The length of the spot in seconds, the specific cinemas and the number of rooms you want it to project it into. Spot al cinema our salespeople agree with you the characteristics.  And cost of the offer based on: – spot length in seconds: 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 . And 30 – for your knowledge the most requested solution is the 20-second.  Solution; – name of cinema 

Steps to Make Your Ads

Quadro, the advertising dealership at the cinema Buy Lead that is for you after the first contact . In person, by email or by phone – the salespeople communicate your requests. To the operations department of videomakers in the company. From that moment on you are free to dedicate yourself to your business. (the commercial at the cinema is no longer your thought!), waiting to receive and be able to view the first draft. Of your promotional video for the big screen. In the days following the conclusion of the contract. The head of the cinema division will ask you for the materials . Mainly the logo and other high-resolution . Images of your own – for the realization of the movie commercial. Together you will evaluate the timeframe for each stage of work . And set the delivery date of the first video draft.


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