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We also asked our email marketer Oleksandr to suggest some email content ideas to help you impress your subscribers on International Cat Day. Here are his ideas. Email personalization Pet stores could gather various data about their users. Including the type of pet and their names. Utilizing this information, you can send emails to the cat’s owners and even address the pets by their names. You might also like Personalization and Hyper-personalization in Emails. Guess the cat breed get a discount questionnaire. Here you can display pictures of different cats, and if the user guesses the breed correctly, they receive a promo code. By the way, Stripo now offers you a new feature an interactive module Phone Number Format generator. By using it, you can create questionnaires for such campaigns fast and without code hassle.

Create Questionnaires for Such Campaigns Fast

Interactive cat content As a simple interactive email content, we could use a rollover effect on images. Create an email with your team’s cats. When hovering the mouse over the cat’s photo, it would change to another picture. Thus, you can create an entire gallery of your team’s cats without taking up too much space in the email. Educational cat-related questionnaires. Besides promotional purposes from the previous example, you can also use questionnaires to Singapore Phone Number Data educate your subscribers. For example, as users go through the quiz, share tips on how to feed and care for cats. Replace employees’ photos with pictures of cats just for this day. On August 8th, people will receive emails from marketers, salespersons, or support managers with cats’ photos in their email signatures. I am sure that your subscribers won’t mind.

Mobile responsiveness for a seamless user experience

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Did you know you can generate a signature with Stripo in a few clicks. Check out our email signature generator manual. The design of your email is just as important as the content when it comes to email marketing. It improves the overall user experience and has the potential to impact how the receiver engages with your email. Now more than BUY Lead ever, email is accessed via mobile devices rather than desktop computers, making responsive email design more important. This ensures that your emails will display properly and operate normally regardless of the device used to read them.


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