Every time a user According to Gartner research, chatbots will represent of all customer service by , but they are not intend to completely replace human interactions, they will actually serve to support and improve conversations. The most far-sight companies, those that try to ride current trends and prict future ones, are investing large sums of money to hire the best talent on the market and equip themselves with the most sophisticat software. Research conduct by the dean of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer. Science reveal which are the three companies that had invest the most in artificial intelligence in.

The expectations of customers

Amazon leads the way with million Google silver mal with million dollars Microsoft closes the podium with million web designs and development service dollars Voice assistants Although this is a trend that should not be underestimat, because personal assistants such as Alexa, Amazon Echo and many others already enjoy excellent and growing popularity, imagining a future dominat by conversational commerce guid by voice commands still appears unachievable today. This is because it is a technology that currently suffers from a lack of proactivity voice bots cannot start conversations, they only intervene after the user initiates the interaction. 

The entire purchasing journey

Brands must integrate skills and technologies to stay relevant to who can simply ask a question to a personal assistant,” said Anju Sharma, Product Manager of Artificial Intelligence at HP Inc. Download-ebook-marketing-artificial-intelligence Return to index. Conversational commerce implementation strategies Conversational commerce can add value Buy Lead to every part of the buyer journey it’s not just a new way of doing business, it’s also better, both for users and brands. In a conversational commerce context, users navigate within a messaging app , and thanks to artificial intelligence they can benefit from quick and precise product recommendations, as if they had a virtual assistant to guide them. help with the shopping. In addition to increasing sales, brands will also have access to much more data for selling to potential leads.

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