Degradation marries laziness and they give

This is because not only non-believers will regret not believing in God’s reward, but believers will also regret not managing their time by doing more good deeds. However, The habit of procrastinating is very dangerous. Ibnu Abbas once said as follows.

The Prophet Muhammad Saw Once Prayed Where He Asked. God to Save Him From Laziness and Lack (Due to His Procrastination Earlier) Where He Prayed: However, Ya Allah, I Seek Refuge With. You From Depression and Sadness. Weakness and Laziness, Miserliness and Cowardice, the Burden of Debt and From. Being Dominated by Humans — Bukhari and Muslim and Yes, Although We All Procrastinate in Our Own Ways.

But don’t make it a way of life and try your best to get rid of this habit

Let’s beat this procrastination together. 5 Practical Database Ways To Fight Procrastination Now we know the three main reasons we procrastinate and understand the negative effects.

So let’s take steps to overcome it: If we don’t like the task, don’t feel it is important or feel shackled by it Be a PRO. However, In Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art , there is an explanation about the importance of fighting “obstacles” (procrastination) by only doing the task on the day with a professional.

It’s like where a professional athlete is present every day for training, whether they like it or not. And how corporate professionals show up to their workplace every morning whether they are in the mood to work or not.

Cultivate a professional attitude in us and we will put our emotions aside


We Don’t Understand the Task and Have No Idea Buy Lead How to Do It This Can Be Easily Solved by Simply: Ask for Help From People Who Have. However, Done the Task Conduct Research on the Subject Online Hold a Brainstorm Session. With Our Colleagues or Group. Of Employees on How to Complete the Task. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask.

We Are Interested in Doing Other Things That Are Much More. Interesting This is Quite Difficult to Overcome Because. However, It is Very Difficult to Draw Our Attention. From Something That Has Already Captured. Our Interest and Focus to Something More Boring.


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