Continuing the sale of laptops

Continuing the sale of laptops. Small appliances and notebooks. But with lower receipts. There was a sharp decline in fashion. The events sector and. Even more so. Tourism which. In 2019. Had brought home 25.6% of the total annual turnover. Publishing is growing . Thanks to streaming.  Pharma  and the entire health and beauty sector in general. As well as the purchase of toys and sex toys . Purchases of sporting goods are also decreasing. 

Shopping centers and insurance are also growing

Home and furniture. Shopping centers and new database insurance are also growing. Thanks also to the new products creat specifically for the health emergency. The  covid-19 situation  has impos on companies the obligation to reorganize: working in smart-working. Completely reviewing logistics and product supply have been the priorities of italian companies. 

It seems clear that this emergency situation

It seems clear that this emergency situation. With declining trends in the mium and long term. Leads to an important push towards  social channels  to increase the visibility of products. Avoiding the  physical meeting between Buy Lead supply and demand. Those who did not have a structur online presence found themselves creating an e-commerce site in a hurry. Thus appearing for the first time in a totally new sector that was difficult to manage without skills or vision.


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