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Once the assets must meet all of the following conditions: they will be use only in the facility receiving aid. These are depreciable assets; are purchase on market terms from third parties unrelate to the buyer. Are includ in the company’s assets for a minimum period of years. Jobs create as a result of the investment project must meet. The following conditions: jobs will be create within years from the completion of the investment. There will be a net increase in the number of employees in a given entity. Compare to the average for the previous months. The create jobs will be maintain for a minimum period of years from the date of filling the first position.

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Accelerating your enterprise’s digital transformation Share Contents How to define a company’s digital transformation? – Short analysis The state of the digital economy Why is digital transformation so important? From digital transformation strategy Photo Retouching to success – how to start your digital transformation? Digital transformation today and tomorrow Examples of digital transformation Entrepreneurs are definitely challenge by the process of digital transformation, the implementation of new digital technologies and the preparation of a digital transformation strategy itself.

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Initiating this process is associate with new development prospects for the company and, above all, bringing invaluable benefits. Should companies be afraid of digital change? In the business climate, a company’s digital transformation is about finding new Buy Lead ways to deliver value, increase efficiency or generate revenue. The digital transformation process focuses on changes in the way of thinking about customer experience, business processes or models, as well as the use of digital technologies and relate competences. It is known that digital technologies have been driving the development and stimulating the level of innovation of companies for years.


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