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Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue and the Hite-Ashbury block in San Francisco are regarded as activity centers, [54] popular American song 《 San Francisco》( must wear flowers on their hair) Further attract like-minded people to join the Bay Area Movement and lead to the summer of love.55] Over the next few decades, the Gulf District will consolidate its position as a new leftist radicalism, a hotbed of student radicalism, against the Vietnam War and other anti-art movements, the Black Power Movement and the Gay Rights Movement.

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[54] At the same time, parts of San Mateo County and Santa Clara   new data  County began to develop At the turn of discipline, with the acceleration of minority immigrants, the largest ethnic non-Hispanic whites in the United States accounted for only half of the population in the Gulf region. [61] During this period, the Gulf District was the center of the LGBT rights movement: In 2004, San Francisco began to issue marriage certificates to same-sex couples.

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[84] “ Beau Gulf” includes Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa County and Solano County, and is the largest and least populous sub region. Marin County in the west and Sonoma County are in the Pacific Ocean in the  BUY LEAD  west and Gulf in the east, characterized by lush terrain and trees. Sonoma County and Napa County are famous for their vineyards and wineries, while Solano County in the east is centered on Vallejo and is the fastest growing area in the Bay Area.

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