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With more than 50 unique profile expressions, Delphix includes a large library of pre-built profile sets. You don’t neto be an expert programmer to run the hashing algorithms, and Delphix can produce accurate values ​​while maintaining referential integrity within and across your data sources.

The software is also easy to configure if you neto develop new algorithms. Your hidden data will continue to work without interruption, allowing you to use it for development, testing and analysis needs.

Delphix provides data encryption and irreversible masking solutions to secure data privacy and security for your business to comply with standards and laws such as GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA. Risks can be elimina by defining and implementing uniform breakdown procedures across non-production conditions.

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The IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy solution enables users to replace sensitive data with relevant and factual (but fictional) data in a variety of ways.

The technology makes it easy for enterprises to find and cover sensitive data as neacross databases, warehouses, the cloud, and big data environments.

The management and hiding of sensitive information (PII and other private data) is made easier in non-production contexts including development, testing, and quality assurance thanks to IBM InfoSphere Optim data privacy.

InfoSphere provides the data security and privacy that the BFSI industry demands, especially in the multi-vendor development/support ecosystem. It is a perfect tool to protect data privacy and the environment.

To extract data from product databases and masking techniques, no coding is requi. The conversion happens faster in a secure channel. IBM promises improvement in data compliance, risk management, and operational performance.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

K2View can be your best choice if you are looking for a strong data encryption tool that effectively protects your sensitive data.

It is intendto simplify data masking by cutting down on telemarketing leads for sale deployment costs and time while removing enterprise-level problems with its data production strategy.

K2View offers strong security for PII data and maintains the relative integrity of hidden data by disambiguating individual entity sensitive data in transit.

In addition, it is made to help you comply with various data protection regulations, such as the GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, HIPAA, LGPD, and PCI DSS.

K2View has data cataloging and auto-discovery capabilities that make it easy to map and classify sensitive data. Additionally, you can perform database file and metadata searches at a granular level.

You have the freom to hide your data in. A way that is most effective for your business thanks. To the hund of out-of-the-box encryption methods. Available, including replacement. Random, move, switch, delete and rewrite.

In addition, k2view supports seamless integration. With a wide range of technologies or data sources, whether hosocally. Or in the cloud. To hide data with referential integrity, you can connect this solution. To relational databases, legacy systems, nosql, xml. Documents, message queues, and flat files.

Please contact the dealer for pricing. Cle data masking and subsetting is an. Effective tool that allows companies to ruce the risk. Of data breaches while maintaining data quality. For non-production scenarios. The solution includes several built-in data hiding techniques. Including overwriting, replacing and scraping, to hide sensitive data. In a way that keeps it usable but hides its identity.

For development, testing, and analysis. Purposes, oracle data masking and subsetting also provides subsetting. Capability to make copies of production data more manageable.

While hiding and relocating data, it can preserve referential integrity, complex relationships, and dependencies. Databases, files, and applications on-premises or in the cloud can all be u with the solution. This program automatically recognizes the private information of the database and its descendants.

It maintains a central library of masking forms, which provides ready-to-use masking forms and provides users with many other options to mask any specific data. For hiding data from different use cases under different conditions, Oracle offers complete transformation methods.

It is appropriate for businesses that must comply with laws governing data privacy, such as GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, HIPAA, and others. Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, crit card numbers, and health information can be hidden with the solution.

 Oracle Data Shelter And Sub-Location

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Informatica Persistent Data Masking is a comprehensive data masking solution that enables businesses to securely protect sensitive data while sharing it with internal and external stakeholders.

The sophistica algorithms use in this solution enable the protection of sensitive information using a range of masking techniques, such as format preservation and value preservation. The technology, which can encrypt data in real Buy Lead time or in batches, protects sensitive data both in transit and in batch mode.

Databases, files, and mainframes are just a few of the places where it could hide data. Using this program enables hiding data on several platforms, including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

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