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They say to So we tend to overreact to emerging problems before adopting a more calibrat vision (think of the importance play by neuroscience in these moments). As you listen to breaking news, think critically about the source of the information before taking action. Use specialists, experts and forecasts carefully Right now, experts in epidemiology, public health, logistics, geopolitics, marketing and sales, and other specializ disciplines are indispensable in interpreting complex information and changing scenarios. But it is clear to everyone that expert opinions may differ on critical issues such as economic impact and it is best to consult as many sources as possible.

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Every epidemic is unprictable and unique, and we are still learning the critical characteristics of the current one. Rarely are companies and organizations so flexible. But we must all make an effort to become one, relying more on each other. We must quickly use an iterative and empirical approach by web designs and development service constantly renewing, what works and what doesn’t, in a way guid by expert opinion. Work with long-term investments While it may now be useful to ruce costs, particularly short-term costs relat to production, entrepreneurs and managers should work to identify ways to increase productivity in areas relat to marketing and digital innovation.

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Coronavirus is an opportunity to make long-term investments. If you’re experiencing a short-term slowdown, this is the time to reevaluate your strategic and then tactical activities , as well as platforms and processes, and do some long-term strategic planning. If there are major deals in the pipeline, now is a good opportunity to put more energy into lead management and nurturing those long-term opportunities. Continue to monitor your leads, reassure them if necessary and let Buy Lead them know that you are planning for contingencies and that you are ready to help them. Continue to nurture your contacts with a long-term vision. Prepare for the next crisis How companies react to the market.


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