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Buttons and links can work harder for you. A great call to action triggers demand. It is relevant to the page. It’s personal warm and inviting. It’s a gentle nudge. And it makes all the difference. Been a while since your Booster rockets had a checkup? Our in-house expert engineers are ready to help out. If there’s a problem they’ll spot it pronto. Schule a service checkup with Jessica your jetpack specialist. → …and two things to remove We see these on service pages everywhere. If you have either of these you can likely improve

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Removing these elements today. Carousels and slideshows Although designers may say that these “let visitors click to see more” what they really do is “hide things until the visitor clicks.” We’ve never seen data suggesting that sliders are business lead successful; we’ve seen a lot of data showing they are not.Why not make things easier to see? Why not simply stack those elements so visitors can see them by simply scrolling? Social sharing icons Do you expect visitors to share your sales page? Not likely. This is one of the classic social

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Important questions. Who is behind this brand? Who might I work with if I use this company? Is this a real business? If you don’t show your team you miss another chance to differentiate. You people are your difference. You’re the BuyLead only company with your team. You may also lose your visitor. If they want to see who works there they have no choice but to leave and go to LinkIn. Little companies always try to look bigger. And big companies always try to look smaller. Really every company should just try to be more human. 10.

Mistakes. They add visual noise without adding value.If you have social mia icons on a sales page put that URL into Buzzsumo to see if it’s ever been shar. The perfect B2B website service page stands on its own It attracts BuyLead visitors and it compels those visitors to take action. It is both cheese and mousetrap. It does this in the same way that any top sales rep does: by answering questions offering examples and finally by asking for the business. Above all it makes it easy. If you don’t have one of these on your site it might be hard to

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