The Spanish Association of Advertisers predicts 10 major trends in 2023

The Spanish Association of Advertisers (aea) presents the “Top 10 Trends for 2023”. These indicate that brand communications are still affected by the uncertainty brought about by the turbulent global environment. 

Industry compliance and regulations: In some highly regulated industries. Industry email lists can help members understand the latest compliance requirements and changes, and maintain legal and compliant operations. Social Responsibility and Sustainability: The list can also serve as a platform for discussions on social responsibility and sustainability in the industry. 

Changes in event planning 

As has been the trend in recent years, linear TV consumption is declining. A 13% increase in 2022 compared to 2021, while consumption on streaming and online video company data platforms is growing at double digits, meaning there is a change in the way advertising campaigns are planned, starting to be viewed as jointly managed “audiovisual planning” .

Linear TV audiences are aging, and video-on-demand platforms provide new inventory to markets that require more supply. Three factors are driving this evolution: changes in content consumption habits and audience fragmentation, technological advances, and improvements in measurement. Advertising investment in “premium TV” will grow across all industries in 2023.

Changes in advertiser-agency relationships

As all the above shows, the market is changing, the challenges facing brands greater. And to meet these challenges they need the multidisciplinary of agencies, and new players are working with more collaborators ( agency, digital media) collaborative environment.

platforms, experts, etc.). With 78% of advertisers hiring Buy Lead specialist agencies, the team must have access to technology applied to marketing, an end-to-end vision of the client’s business and the link between communications campaigns and sales. Competition is getting fiercer and relationships are getting shorter, especially with creative agencies.

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