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practical and easy-to-use application that is ideal for extracting data from websites without requiring technical knowlge.

It automatically recognizes and extracts data from online pages. Check it out and see what kind of information you can find.

  • You can use AnyPicker to customize the data extraction process by selecting specific fields such as text, images, and URLs.
  • There is no neo install any software on your computer as AnyPicker is a cloud basservice.
  • You can choose the most suitable price plan from various options, including a free one for rare drives.
  • It’s important to note that AnyPicker’s capabilities may be limit to complex websites with a lot of dynamic content.
  • , which may produce false data.
  •  for light users. You heard correctly.
  • The professional plan has more power and flexibility for only $39 per month.
  • The premium business plan is a game changer with unlimitlayers, 40 crawlers, and export formats of XLSX, CSV, and TSV. All this for only $99 per month!


Microsoft CorporationThe perfect free plan

AI extensions to get new leads and clients for your business.

You can store leads, export data, measure telephone biz contact metrics, and conduct contact searches bason various parameters, such as industry, job title, company size, and geography. Enter, the superhero lead generation and sales tracking platform, to save time!

Seamless.AI can save time and improve your chances of success with its AI-powernsights and detaata.

The search function is very comprehensive and makes filtering and finding new customers simple.It easily interacts with other sales and marketing technologies, including CRMs, email marketing platforms, an .

  • If you have a small business, the annual subscription to the platform could be expensive
  • It may take some time to get to know all of its capabilities.
  • Even though Seamless.AI aims for accuracy, sometimes there may be errors or missing data in the main database.
  • The free plan is ideal for trying out the service before paying.
  • The basic plan costs about $147/month if paid It costs $447/month if paid annually.

In addition, it may not be accurate


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AI-powered writing aid that helps you it and proofread your work as you go. I

T is an ideal tool for buy lead improving. The clarity, clarity and general quality of writing as it uses. Machine learning algorithms to suggest rewriting for sentences. Paragraphs, or entire texts.

It can instantly improve your writing skills. It makes it Buy Lead simple to identify the best. Words and phrases to get your point across, whether. You’re writing an email or a social mia post.

  • It helps writers of all skill levels by offering time-saving rewriting tips.
  • Improving the quality of your work.
  • He recommends better harmony.
  • You can rewrite effectively and simply.
  • It is accessible from any device or platform.
  • Wordtune’s suggestions may not always reflect your specific voice or writing tone because they are  on machine learning techniques.
  • The or an online connection to use the app may bother you if you work in a place where the internet connection is spotty.
  • Your constant suggestions may be distracting.


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